Who do I think I am…

Why did I actually think I could acquire the courage to create, write and self publish books?

I didn’t. What I did think was, “hey I have an idea.” Then I took a step forward. That step led to another. And so on…

It has been a culmination of ideas, creating, iterating, reflecting, and learning along the way. Oh, and chickening out. I did that a few times. That’s how we learn isn’t it?

Creating these books has become very exciting for me. I have learned A LOT. Recently I have stepped further out of my comfort zone and I am considering a third book. Yes, an Espresso Yourself 3! That won’t be the exact name mind you. I will call for votes from you and others that have purchased the Espresso Yourself books. Involving others in the process of the books is my favorite part. How much more fun and interesting the
results can be!

Can you relate?
I am a lifelong learner. I am always looking for new ideas, thoughts and information to expand my thinking and broaden my horizons.
It is through this continued learning and pursued action that I will be able to impact the world.
Yes, I said the WORLD…

It is a great feeling to contribute to others. I am doing it with wit, wisdom, humor and art in a positive and encouraging way.
When you pick up the Espresso Yourself books you will seem to read something new.
Do you ever think, “I’ve heard that so many times before”?
Me too! However I have had many come to me and say,
“I read something today that I have read before but today, today I get it.”

The books are a fun, funny and serious exchange of ideas and thoughts.

What exiting/crazy idea is brewing in the back of your mind? Are you ready to act on it?
Stepping out of your comfort zone is a scary prospect.
I would like to say it is easy IT IS NOT.

By taking action we are allowing ourselves the freedom to grow.

And grow we must.


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 1.09.21 PM

P.S. If you would like to contribute your favorite life advice and/or story email me at latdt@icloud.com. Would LOVE to read it! And you just may end up in book 3!

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