I have zero musical talent.
Have never played an instrument nor sang in a chorus.
Wait! I lied. I sang to my children when they were young.
I am sure they thought I was amazing.
I wasn’t.
I have always wanted to try, however every time I did, I failed.
I was awkward holding the instruments and gave up BEFORE even starting.

Four weeks ago I was tired of hearing myself whine about wanting to, not being able to, play an instrument. I was going to learn Amazing Grace on the Irish Penny Whistle, IF. IT. KILLED. ME.

I watched and re-watched several you tube videos. 99% of them were far too complicated. “Read the music, rel…” Uhmmm, you lost me at “read the music.”

However, I kept searching for the right video. FAIL.

I searched for the music – hoping I could learn that way.

I found it! I found a page with the notes (eeeek) AND the little dots that are the same as the holes on the whistle. Yes, that I could understand.

Photo on 2-21-16 at 1.48 PM

Lily: Emma, don’t come home from college this weekend mom decided she wants to learn the Penny Whistle.

Emma: Heeeheee

Lily: No, Emma, I am not kidding.

I held the whistle and tried to follow the sequence. Squeal, squeal, and squeal. Hence the texts to Emma. My hands were quite awkward. My lips were hurting. It was weird and HARD trying to play, read the music AND pay attention to covering the holes. I felt like a dork.

Who cares about the Irish Penny Whistle anyway? This is too hard and I personally hate the squealing myself!


Lily: Mom, you have to cover the holes all the way.

Me: I know, I don’t see how that is possible. I can cover some, but then my hands are not malleable enough to cover the others.

Lily (days later): You are squealing! Which means you are not covering the holes all the way. You are hurting my ears. My ears hurt too. I shall not quit!

ME: I am going to learn Amazing Grace on the Irish Penny Whistle, IF. IT. KILLS. ME.
Five minutes a day. Five. Then every time I was home I would carry it with me around the house.

Play, play, play. squeal, squeal squeal.
Play, play.

Hey, No squealing! Sort of. Every third or fourth note went well.
Set timer, five more minutes.

Hey, I hear it… Sort of.

Now I really can hear it!

My hands are relaxed . I see how this thing works!

Play play play.

Very Cool!

Lily: Mom, I’m impressed. WIN!

Weeks and five minutes at a time.

Still practicing.

A day just may come where no squealing happens.

I am going to learn variations and beautiful ways to manipulate the whistle. Not today, but someday soon. Must go set the five-minute timer.

I wish I had a video of the start, it was horrid. And I mean horrid.
Just ask Lily.

No need to listen but if you don’t think you can teach an dog new tricks – you are sadly mistaken.

Here is relatively decent 26 seconds…

Movie on 2-21-16 at 3.20 PM #4

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