I am always wondering if others do…?

This time of year I always think of things that I am interested in pursuing… random, really. But I do always consider ideas, thoughts… stuff that I am hoping the New Year will become. Dreams… wishes… you know, all the things you think about when falling asleep.

Sometimes I write them down, usually in a fun new hardcover notebook with a pen that feels really good to hold. I think it is just too cool that every year there is this opportunity to feel all fresh and new… I DO NOT feel this way all year long (I wish it was that easy). But naturally, for many, the New Year is the signal. I try to think of all sorts of topics to consider… my health… my family… things I want to get more of in my life… You name it, I may be writing it.

Does it all happen?

No. But it does feel really right to put it down on paper. If you find the whole thing too intimidating, or if you aren’t sure where to begin, try this creative approach as an option…
Go to the magazine stand or bookstore and get inspired by what you see. Buy a few mags if you want to rip the pages (I have done this for a few years now – so much inspiration). So, your New Year’s “journal” could become a random mix of torn pictures, beautiful quotes, visions of wonderfulness… things that allow you to feel like you want to get from one place to another… inside or out.

Fill it with your thoughts, your dreams… all sorts of excellent stuff that make you tick, that make you ever so happy… Ready, set… GO!

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