Day 1 – 7 day doodling challenge – WELCOME!

Hello, hello everyone!
I have created a 7-day doodling challenge.
(You’ll will be my beta-peeps)
If you think you can’t draw or you know you can and would like some fun, calming, stress-relieving doodling – JOIN ME!
You’ll need:
Pen/pencil – any old pen/pencil will do (no special kind – yet)
Paper – any old paper will do (no special kind – yet)
Yourself – any old you will do (no doodling passion – yet)
An open mind and open heart… REQUIRED  🙂🙃
Day one: Introduction into what doodling is like.
ZERO pressure.
**Please share link if you know someone who could use some fun, calming, stress-relieving doodling!

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