Civic duty and all that.

This afternoon I was driving home from church and taking Lily for a quick lunch.
I dropped her off at work and I headed home.
I was looking forward to doing some research in my air conditioning (80ish degrees outside)
on my Mac for a present for Emma’s birthday.

On the way I was complaining in my head about the free loaner car I STILL have because the repairs are not done yet.

Then I noticed a woman walking down the sidewalk with a library bag obviously walking home from the library. I thought, good for her she walked all that way. Man, I am mad I STILL don’t have my car. I wonder if she even has a car or she has to walk?”

No kidding two streets later I see another woman walking with heavy bags of groceries. Three bags in each hand. Heavy! She has already walked at least a 1/2 mile from the grocery store that I drove to and shopped at last night.

Then I started thinking, Huh, Mary are you really complaining because you:
*Have a FREE loaner?
*Have an amazing church to go to?
*Have enough money to take Lily for a quick lunch?
(Wait let me go back… Have an amazing daughter!)
*Air conditioning?
*My beautiful Mac computer which has pop-ups I can set to remember things?
*Ability to shop for my other amazing daughter Emma?
*My brand new job?
*I shall not go on, you get the picture…

Once home I push the remote to pull into my garage. Yes, garage!, only to find a said pop-up on my computer saying I am an “on-call” juror.

I call the number I am required to call and the message says, “if you have a last name that starts with a ‘B’-‘N’ you must appear tomorrow.”
At the Daley Center.
Monday morning.
In the heart of The Windy City.

Now I am all for civic duty, however I am wondering why I must be scheduled
for the courthouse 40 miles from my house when I pass two very significant (busy) courthouses along the way?
Anyone seeing a chronic pattern here?
I shall appear for my civic duty. I w
ill take the train that stops very close to my house and takes me right down underneath the Daley Center.

I shall appear for my civic duty. Not begrudgingly… because I am not a complainer.
When my kids were young and complaining or angry about some petty, ridiculous thing I would make them list 50 things they were grateful for. Sometimes 100!

So, I am in my air conditioned house, on my computer, counting my blessings and I will not stop until I reach 100.

Anyone else need a reality check? Try walking home (at least a 1/2 mile) from the grocery store and carrying 6 bags of heavy groceries home because you have no other options.


Join me in counting all the blessings you are given. Every. Single. day.

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