A funny thing happened on the way. . .

Hi Everyone,

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I don’t know if you know this – I didn’t.

When editing a book you must do it yourself 1000 times (or what feels like…) AND have others also edit. I did that.

Espresso Yourself Too has more stories in it than the first book, so editing has been much more work. This is exciting to do this because you get to know your book intimately.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I re-sent to someone after fixing an edit I would reread and find or I would get ANOTHER email finding another mistake, flaw or change. I then edited again. One mistake I kept fixing, I swear I did, kept coming back from editors as a mistake.

PAGE 4: “I am awesome”, I thought.

Can you spot the mistake? This is a grammatical error I refute all the time. And because it doesn’t make sense, do you think I subconsciously did not correct?


Each time one of the editors would say, “still not fixed.”

After the last time one of them finally said, “Listen, I will NOT purchase the books unless that is fixed!”

I now stand corrected.

Espresso Yourself Too is going print soon!

Here is a preview…



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